Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh What a Night!!!

This is short, but oh so sweet!!! Catlyn received a $500 scholarship! We are so excited and proud of her.
Way To go Catlyn!!!
Now if we can just convince her to use it!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Great news just in!

We just found out that Catlyn is graduating with honors! She has a GPA of 3.276 and is one of about ten in her class to graduate with honors.

And not to be out done by his baby sister,
Tommy has just made Petty Officer Third Class!!!!

Great news to share with all! Tom and I are very proud of our kids. Including Sammy, Bryon and Nick! BTW, I was negligent and didn't post that Nick past his EMT class and not only that he was 2nd in the entire class!!! So kudos to all my kids!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Pedro File!

These also are 4 months (16 weeks). Except for the bottom left, which is 4.5 months (18 weeks).
Top left shows Pedro's right hand. The upper right shows Pedro's left hand.
The bottom left was taken on 4/27/09 and is a 3D image of Pedro.
The bottom right is a 2nd photo proving Pedro's manly disposition!

These last 2 are also taken with the 3D imaging.
Just profile shots, but they are pretty amazing.
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So these are the latest for the Pedro file.
Until next time, Take Care and God Bless!