Sunday, August 11, 2013

Well this hasn't worked as I had hoped...

   So, OK, I suck at blogging! It interests me and I am willing to keep trying, but maybe I'm jut not cut out to be a blogger.  Granted I became very ill soon after my last entry and many terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things have come and gone since then. So bad I can hardly wait for this year to be over! All that said, I still hold tight to my faith and know that God's infinite plan is far better than I could do on my own and that He is bringing me (us, counting Tom too) through these trials to strengthen us and and prepare us for the work He has planed ahead of us. He has given us little rays of hope along the way like the laughter and smiles of our grandchildren, a kind word from a friend, a purring kitty, and an occasional surprise. Then there have been some blessings such as getting Tom approved for his SSDI (this was long awaited),  for our spiritual growth together, and answered prayers.  Standing firm on the solid ground of Jesus Christ has brought us through these hard times of the past and we have faith that that He will continue to do so as He prunes us  to bear His fruit (It can hurt at time)and mold us into His image. 
  Now if He would just guide me through this car buying time of our life, I would be a totally happy camper! Thankfully He has equipped me with some awesome people in my life to guide me along the way.  A HUGE thank you to my sis-in-law Jennie for giving me good pointers and where to get good info, such as Consumer Reports and, both have been very helpful. Then there is Steve and Chris, who out searched me by a long-shot and they are willing to come with me to negotiate and make sure I don't get robbed! Last time I went forth to buy a car, God directed me to a Christian dealership and equipped with a used car buyers guide and a great friend, I drove off the lot with a Van that was priced at just under $10,000 for a mere $4,000! God was surly with me that day! Right now I am searching and researching and sadly finding nothing worth what is in my price range. Needless to say t is very depressing... in fact I'm beginning to think that ignorance is bliss. Nahhhh......
   OK, well I don't want to bore you with too much at once so I'll make this short and try to leave you with a good video about God's pruning. TTFN!

Well it's not how I envisioned it to show up, but here it is just the same. I have viewed this many times and I can never get through it without tearing up. I challenge you to view it and then comment on it! Lt me know how it made you feel and what you think about it.
Good Day and God Bless