Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I feel a Breeze!!!

There seems to be a breeze. This afternoon I went to our local beautician and had 14 inches of my hair cut off! Wow, what a difference! I donated it to "Lock's of Love" ( http://www.locksoflove.org/ ). I mailed it right away and I feel really good both inside and out. I'm not sure if I am going to keep it this way or style it a bit, but for now it will still be easier to care for during my recovery time. I had Catlyn and Patrick take some pictures of the whole thing so you all can see too. This was a 3 year project to get to the minimum 10 inches. I actually haven't had my hair cut short for 17 years, so this is quite different for me.

Yep, that's me the green blob with the new doo! I supposed I could have picked a better blouse and a better pose along with a smile. I just wasn't paying attention to the camera. Oh well, next time. I feel great, but I'm just not sure about the look. If anyone has any style ideas let me know. I'm all ears! LOL! Hoping to hear any and all comments! Also hoping to inspire others to donate too. Until next time, Take Care and God Bless!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiger Cruise!

Hi Everyone!
Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner, but Thanks to my Mom-in-law you all are getting the info. Although there are only actually a few days left to register (fill out paperwork and get it back to Tommy via email) it is possible to get a chance to go on the Tiger Cruise on board the USS John C. Stennis with Tommy! Not only that but this cruise has some special events along with it. First they are having an air show and next they are showing the new Transformer movie and will have some of the actors on board as well. So anyway if you are interested you need to do 2 things. 1) Email Tommy ( tom.fields@cvn74.navy.mil )and tell him of your interest and 2) got to the ship's website http://www.cvn74.navy.mil/home.html and get the forms to fill out and then you have to email them to Tommy to turn them in. I realize this is very short notice but if you want to and you hurry, (as there is like 3 days left I think, June 10th) hurry like the wind! So good luck and Happy Sailing!!!

PS... BTW, on the first page of the Stennis website, somewhere in the sea of blue, is our one and only Tommy! It's a little like playing Where's Waldo, so good luck finding him. If you need a clue just ask.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh What a Night!!!

This is short, but oh so sweet!!! Catlyn received a $500 scholarship! We are so excited and proud of her.
Way To go Catlyn!!!
Now if we can just convince her to use it!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Great news just in!

We just found out that Catlyn is graduating with honors! She has a GPA of 3.276 and is one of about ten in her class to graduate with honors.

And not to be out done by his baby sister,
Tommy has just made Petty Officer Third Class!!!!

Great news to share with all! Tom and I are very proud of our kids. Including Sammy, Bryon and Nick! BTW, I was negligent and didn't post that Nick past his EMT class and not only that he was 2nd in the entire class!!! So kudos to all my kids!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Pedro File!

These also are 4 months (16 weeks). Except for the bottom left, which is 4.5 months (18 weeks).
Top left shows Pedro's right hand. The upper right shows Pedro's left hand.
The bottom left was taken on 4/27/09 and is a 3D image of Pedro.
The bottom right is a 2nd photo proving Pedro's manly disposition!

These last 2 are also taken with the 3D imaging.
Just profile shots, but they are pretty amazing.
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So these are the latest for the Pedro file.
Until next time, Take Care and God Bless!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Was that March that just Whizzed by???

Geepers and Golly, so much has happened, and where to begin... Well, I still think there is something in the air... every time I turn around I have heard of people dying or I'm hearing of impending births. We have lost a lot of friends in our little town and a couple of family members in the last year. On the other hand and brighter side of life we have seen and will see quite a few couples begin a new life as one. In fact today is one couples wedding. Wish I was there... And then we have heard of many new birth arrivals and soon to come births. The most recent is our son Tommy and his girlfriend Meggan. The are due in November around the 14th. He is very excited and unfortunately in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a WEST Pac until July. So keep Meggan in your prayers as she goes through the first half of the pregnancy with out Tommy. She has lots of support around her, but it's just not the same as having Tommy here with her.
Big news for Sammy and Bryon! They had their first ultra sound of the baby and first of all its only one, as Sammy says a big "WHEW!" and 2ndly it's a ... well I don't want to spoil it for you if you want to be surprised, so if you want to find out mail me or Sammy and we'll be happy to tell you. I hope to have a copy of the ultra sound to post today.
Tomorrow's Easter, so have a Blessed Easter to all and be joyful for He is Risen! Till later...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whew! and Whoa!

Whew! What a month, what a week, what a day, what a relief! It's been very hectic and stressful actually since OCT 08, but more so this last month. As some of you know I had to go in for a biopsy on my thyroid. I was told I needed to make an appointment in OCT, but the doc I was referred to didn't have any openings til Christmas Eve! Or I could have chosen to wait til FEB. Well wanting to get this over with ASAP I chose Christmas Eve. Well if you had seen the news we had records amounts of snow in DEC, so my dear son Tommy said he'd take me. So we go through that ordeal just to find out they only do biopsies on FRI and it was a WED! Needless to say there was some mis-communication going on. Well this doc was really nice and because of the weather conditions we traveled he was willing to do it but I didn't know that I couldn't have any aspirin products and I had a tooth giving me problems so they couldn't do it any way. So now I had to wait yet another month. OK, so I wait the month and then have to wait the torturous week for the results. I get home from work on the day they tell me to call and they are closed! No one told me that they closed at NOON on FRIDAYS!!!! Talk about being frustrated.
So now I can "WHEW" after getting the results this morning! All clear! So I don't have to go back til July for a check up. However that was the up-side of my morning! Last week after seeing my regular doc and setting up an appointment to see a specialist for my carpal tunnel which I thought was for today. Wrong! Its for tomorrow so I dragged Tommy out in the snow yet again to take me to a doctors appointment for nothing. Yes we have yet MORE SNOW!!!! At least they let me take the x-rays so I don't have to be there quite as early tomorrow. I am praying that all the snow will leave before then so I can drive myself. I really don't want to have either of the boys to have to take me.
The "Whoa" comes from still having to deal with this specialist and still to come is the dermatologist and GYN. I tell you I am just falling apart. Well I am taking it all one step at a time for now and just praying that my life will de-stress a bit now. I know I surely can use that
by now. I just feel a little over whelmed with all these doctors appointments not only for me but for Tom too. He has just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and has recently begun a medication treatment as a first step. So far so good. He still has a lump on his leg that it still undiagnosed. His appointments have had a disruption since his company has changed insurances again. So he should be seeing the doc again soon for the lump. Though we do know it is not a tumor. So depending what comes up with the carpal tunnel will depend on my Spring break plans. Sorry Dan, Jenny and the Bugs. I may not be able to make it after all. Tin having a doc thought I would like to hold any possible surgeries off till summer so my work in not impacted. So much seems to be happening so fast. I guess that's the difference in having a doctor that listens to you. And actually telling some one that there is an issue. I tend to ignore things and suffer with them for a long time, because my kids have always come first, but now that they are all but gone I have been telling on myself. It's a weird feeling.
So I think that's all for now. Hope all is well with you all. Take Care and God Bless, Pam and Clams

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something must be in the air!!!

Hi Everyone,

Well as far as I can tell something is in the air and its spreading from FL or actually MT to CA to oh yea and Vegas and now it's up here! First about 3 maybe 4 weeks ago (from 1/25/09) one of my best friends in FL tells me her son and his girlfriend are expecting in March! I said "What?!?!?!" and then she said "Oh, didn't I tell you?" Can you tell we hadn't spoken in a while??? Hmmm, yes we have to work on that. Anyway, she is very excited, but very bummed since her son is in MT. Then I hear about the newest addition coming to the Watterlond family in Vegas. Congratulations one and all! I hope the shower went well!

Then my cousin tells me I am going to be a great aunt sometime in either Aug or Sept.! So excited!! I was telling everyone. Started planning what to crochet for her and looking at patterns and yarns. it was all good. Then one week later, just one week! My daughter Samantha calls and tells me that she and her husband are expecting and due Sept 19th! Well I must say it has taken me a while for it to soak in what that really meant. I suddenly felt really old and yet not old enough. Does that make sense? Well, it did to me. Now I am warming up to the idea of becoming a grandma, it's starting to not sound so bad.

Those of you who know or have known my cousin Debbie and I should have realized by now the most humorous part of our daughters both being pregnant at the same time. It seems that all our life Deb and I have always done things either together or very close to each other. We were born with in 8 months of each other. we went to rival high schools in the same town, we became engaged close together and married one month apart. Then had our first babies almost literally together even though we were thousands of miles and many country boarders apart from each other. In fact Amanda was born on my due date and Nick came 17 days later. So if you think about it Deb and I are still doing things together, but now its through our daughters. Deb and I have always been close and even the miles that separate us has never changed that. We have a bond that is indestructible. She more than my cousin, she my best friend and my sister and I can't imagine life with out her in it. Love ya Deb!

So this is my first blog in Feb. Pretty mushy but its February it's supposed to get mushy! Needless to say I have several crocheting projects going on which is not doing my carpal tunnel and favors, but I have til May for one and the other two I have til Sept so I'm not too stressed yet. I do have an appointment to look in to my CT for next week but not planning on really doing anything about it til this summer so I won't miss work. Something to post later when I know whats going on with it, among other things as the develope.

So friends thats it for now. Take Care and God Bless, Pam and Clams

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just for the record...

I guess this might not be considered my first blog. In the past I have done a Yahoo family group page, a myspace page, a facebook page and I have played with others along the line but never got very far with them. At school this year we got a gaggle net account so I am using that too. Just didn't want to be too misleading.

Today I have been uploading pictures onto the Picasa page I created I don't know how long ago, but decided that since no one is going to the family page anymore I might as well post where everyone is at. I haven't figured out how to get to the actual Picasa address yet, but I am working on it. Maybe after I get all the photos up, I can get to the "view my page" section and get it then. Until then, Thanks for stopping by.
Take Care and God Bless,
Pam and Calm

PS... Did you notice my new addition? It reminds me of Mom, she loved fish in fish tanks.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

testing this out...

OK so now I'm gonna try to put in some pictures. Oh WOW it worked!! I totally impressed myself here folks. I can't believe I did it. OK, this first one here is the sunrise we watched in Port Townsend waiting for Tommy's ship to come through, but guess what? We missed the ship. It passed through before we got there. Fortunately Catlyn had many photo ops. Let me try to put in some more.

OK, this one she took because she was bored and cold. She didn't want to get out of the car any more so she happened to see the sunrise in the mirror and thought it was a good shot. We think it is one of her most interesting ones. OK, this is another one out of boredom, but still interesting. OK now I'm gonna try to put more than one picture on at a time. Lets see how I do and hopefully I wont delete what I've already done. LOL

Finally after 2 tries and then having to move them to where I wanted them not once but twice! These are some of Cate's nature shots. The first three are just after a nice rain fall.

These next two were after the first frost this year. The first one is frost and the second is ice crystals. She has quite an eye for these things I think. Much better than her ol'mother for sure.

Now here are a few shots of the wedding party for Sammy and Bryon's wedding. We didn't get near the shots I was hoping for, but oh well. So from left to right they are Alesha, Kristin, Sammy, Bryon, Eric, Beau and Alyssa. The ring bearer never came to the reception so we have no pictures of him.

The last two pictures here are of the moon and our Kitty Mikey, who we lost to a sudden and mysterious illness this fall. He was our youngest and we miss him a lot.

Well folks this is it for now. Now let us see if I can get this posted before I loose it again. Yes, I lost it once already. Well, I thought I did. Thankfully it does an automatic save and I only lost part of it, but I did have to redo many of the photos a few times. It looks like I have to build the page from the bottom up when I am adding pictures because they all load up at the top and then they have to be moved to the bottom and then you have to move all the text to where it was in the first place. Lots to learn, but I am trying.

Take Care and God Bless, Pam and Clams


Hello and Welcome to my first blog. I'm completely new to this so if you have any suggestions let me know. I can use all the help I can get. I love reading your blogs and seeing the pictures. I hope to have some new stuff up as soon as I learn how to do it all. I'll likely put on a lot of Cate's photos. She is a marvelous photographer and I like to show off her stuff. Well OK, I guess this is it for now till I can figure it all out. Thanks for stopping by!
Take Care and God Bless, Pam and Clams